We are our own best case study. The people who are attracted to the kind of work we do here at Mindfield, are driven by creativity and analytics.

We are all of like-mind

We work here because it’s challenging, and every day we’re presented with new puzzles to solve, given new questions to answer, and driven to find better ways to make things work. This remarkable chemistry has helped us grow into one of the most successful recruitment organizations in North America. Each day is full of variety, but one thing that remains consistent is amazing work happens here. Mindfield is changing the way companies are making great hires and how thousands of job seekers engage in finding jobs they love. We provide ways to let go and have fun because we believe people who enjoy their workplace are productive people. Seeking a career in at a fast-moving, innovative company? Talk to us. We'd love to hear from you.


Account Executive - Burnaby

Mindfield is a recruitment outsourcing solutions provider that partners with companies to create powerful hourly workforces, we have helped our customers make over 90,000 hires since 2010. Our solutions combine a recruitment team, simple to use technology and a data-driven hiring strategy that...

Recruitment Consultant - Burnaby

Mindfield is a technology-enabled talent solutions provider that partners with companies to provide qualified candidates for hourly employers. Mindfield uses a data-driven hiring strategy that combines people, technology, and process. This approach focuses on tying business outcomes such as sales...

Candidate Contact Representative - Burnaby

Mindfield is seeking a Candidate Contact Representative (CCR) who's hardworking, driven, and positive to screen candidates for front-line and managerial positions for our clients. The CCR will also present these qualified candidates to the hiring manager for consideration for selection.What makes...